Key Points for A Guardian Family

A + J Poodles is a Toy Poodle, Miniature Poodle and Cockapoo Breeder that has developed a Guardian Home Program. This program allows A&J Poodles breeding dogs to be fostered by loving forever homes while still maintaining status as a breeding dog for a contracted numbers of litters. The Guardian seeks to provide a puppy with a loving forever home and also support the Breeder’s breeding needs through the Guardian Home Program. As such, Breeder agrees to deliver a puppy to Guardian and Guardian agrees to accept Guardian puppy and perform in accordance with the Agreement.

Guardian’s Care Responsibilities

General It is agreed that Guardian Home Dog is currently valued at $5000, and that this value will
increase as she matures and when/if additional genetic tests are required and passed. Furthermore, this
agreement is to provide assurance that Guardian Home Dog will thrive in her loving home, which is
intended to be her forever home. As such, Guardian agrees to give full and proper care to Guardian
Home Dog.

Feeding Program  

The Guardian agrees to feed Guardian Home Female/Male one or more of the quality dog foods noted on A&J Poodles recommends on the “Guardian Information” page. Exceptions are to be discussed with Breeder.


The Guardian agrees to vaccinate the Guardian Home Dog in accordance with veterinary standards. These vaccinations include (for Guardian Pup): Distemper, Hepatitis, and Parvovirus and at three months of age, Rabies. (Adult) Guardian Female/Male also requires Bordetello and Parainfluenza and regionally-recommended vaccinations. In addition, heartworm and flea and tick prevention are required for both Guardian puppy and later as an adult female Guardian.


The Guardian shall at all times keep the Guardian Home Female/Male under close
supervision and maintain her under physical control at all times for the duration of this agreement. The
Guardian is responsible for any damage or injury inflicted by the Guardian Home Female/Male while in
Guardian’s possession. The Guardian waives all rights of and claims for contribution and indemnification
from Breeder and, with respect to any liability for damage or injury by the Guardian Home Female/Male,
agrees to pay and assume all such liability and damage and to forever fully indemnify Breeder.


Guardian Home Dog the Guardian agrees to train the dog to Breeder’s standards.
Breeder’s standards include Basic and Intermediate Obedience. 

Veterinary Expenses

In the event of accident or injury, Guardian assumes responsibility for all necessary veterinarian or hospital charges. In the event of illness, Guardian assumes responsibility for all necessary veterinarian or hospital charges. Guardian assumes all responsibility for all routine veterinary costs including heartworm & flea control,
vaccinations, teeth cleaning, and wellness exams.

Breeder Access

A representative of Breeder may show, photograph, and have access to Guardian Home Female/Male
for genetic testing, veterinarian visits, and breeding. Guardian agrees to provide Breeder with such
access upon request. All health records, information regarding lineage, and any document pertaining to Guardian Home
Female/Male will be available to both Breeder and Guardian. Guardian agrees to report all non-routine veterinary visits to Breeder and deliver veterinary reports by
either email or regular mail to Breeder. Non-routine veterinary visits include all visits excluding
vaccinations, teeth cleaning, or wellness checks

Please download contract for review for further information.

Guardian Contract

For those interested in being apart of the Guardian Program, please take time to review the Guardian contract and familiarize yourself with what you are commiting to prior to reaching out to A and J Poodles. Our contract is here to download as a PDF.